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Lord, I pray
that I would
walk in
Your presence 
filled with
Your Love, Light, & Truth.
So that as I walk
what comes out of me reflects
Your Presence
filled with 
Your Love,
Your Light, & 

Your Truth.

Draw my heart & Mind closer to you...

ALL Faiths are welcome at OHY.
You are welcome whether you are a
Novice to Yoga or a Yoga Teacher.

Kim Donaldson, Owner of Open Heart Yoga

Kim Donaldson

Owner and Teacher @ OHYSC

Open Heart Yoga facilities
Restorative Yoga
Christ-centered yoga
~ Open Heart Yoga SC ~
At OHY we do Yoga with:
A Christ Centered Intention

Seek the Lord with all our
Heart, Soul, Mind & Strength, as we
Move & Breathe & Rest in His Presence.

Trust the Lord.
​Bring our mind, will & emotions into 
alignment with God's Truth.
Lean on and Acknowledge Him in all we do.
To be Transformed by the Renewing of the mind.

Keep an Open Heart Devoted to God. 
We are devoted to God because of
His unfailing Love and Forgiveness towards us. 
Especially in our most decrepit of conditions.
We are grateful for His 
Many Blessings and Promises.
All our efforts are devoted to Glorifying God.

Have A Heart of Unity
We are the Body of Christ 
We are One with God  
through Jesus Christ.
At OHY we believe there is
ONE Body and
ONE Spirit,
ONE hope of our calling;
ONE Lord,
ONE Faith,
ONE Baptism,
ONE God and Father of ALL
Who is
over ALL and
through ALL and
in ALL.
For in Him we live and move and have our being,

on and off the mat.
Foundational Yoga
Charleston yoga instructor
Mount Pleasant yoga class

The word 
~ YOGA means Unity ~

Integration of our Body, Breath & Mind.
We practice Postures and Energy Work to
Strengthen & Stabilize our bodies.
We do Intentional Breathing Techniques
which help Calm the Mind.
Yoga gives us tools and techniques
that aid in the Spiritual Discipline of renewing the mind.
~ At OHY We Teach ~
Devotional Yoga centering our Intentions on God.
Sun Salutations,
Energy Work through Isometric Yoga,
Dynamic and Static Movement,
Tools and Spiritual Disciplines of 
Christ-Centered Yoga.
As Disciples of Jesus Christ we want to do our part
by sharing God's Love to all People
 through Christ Centered Yoga.
Open Your Heart to Adventure, Love, & Possibilities.


Open Heart Yoga Studio
is a Residential Studio
Respecting our neighbor's
driveways and property
*DON'T Park on the GRASS
*Please Place Your Trash in an
appropriate receptacle

Open Heart Yoga

1118 Talisman Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Text: 843-991-6337








Has a NEW Class Scedule

We've added more classes. Our New Class Schedule  Starts November 16, 2015 & goes through December 31, 2015


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