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Class Descriptions

Private Sessions    One Teacher with One Student is the way yoga was originally taught. If you are new to yoga or are a little hesitant about it, be encouraged to book a private session with your Yoga Teacher. Also if you are experiencing any physical, emotional or mental hinderances doing private sessions will be beneficial for you.

I believe that you will not regret the time you invest in your health.

All Levels.



The Yoga Teacher will give more instruction on how to get into the poses using direct and refining cues. Beginner's level brings the yoga student into awareness of their own body and how the postures feel. Introduction to basic foundational poses which include forward folds, back bends, twists & lateral stretches. Inversions are introduced. Intentional Breathing is taught and practiced throughout the class. 


Level 1-2

A mixed level class introducing beginners to some new postures. In addition, refinements and variations of the classic postures. Strengthening poses are practiced to prepare the body for inversions and arm balances. Some students will practice inversions, arm balances and full backbends. Peak postures will be held for 3-10 breaths . The sequencing  from posture to posture will be cued in sync with the breath.


Level 2-3

For students with a strong and consistent yoga practice of at least 1 year. There will be less detailed instruction of the basic postures and class will move along more swiftly. Students should be capable and comfortable in practicing inversions alone or near the wall, and also pushing into urdhva dhanurasana (up-dog) with straight arms.



Our yoga practice needs to be built on a sure foundation.

Concentrating primarily on Alignment and Breath while moving through related postures. 

Having a solid foundation is mandatory for there to be Stability.

Like our relationship with God that becomes stronger when we stand on the solid rock of Christ, we will establish a sure foundation for our physical body along with our spirit.

A student's confidence is built as they learn how to safely move in and out of a pose, or a series of poses.Strength and rest is found in this movement. 

We flow through Sun Salutations, Standing & Strength Poses, Inversions and Balance Poses. Breathing techniques are practiced.

Beginner - Level 1

Props needed for on-line class ~

Mat, Blocks, Strap, Bolster. Please be inventive and use what you have available at your home. A step stool or chair could be used instead of blocks, and a belt or neck tie instead of a yoga strap. A tightly rolled throw blanket or towel will work for a bolster.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga works on the deepest bio-mechanical level of the body, to the joints and marrow. Bringing openness to the joint connections where the ligaments and tendons meet the bone. Poses are held 1-5 minutes.

In OHY style of Restorative Yoga there are slight movements done specifically to build up a bit of heat in the body. This heat and movement will aid in the gentle release of the tight and restricted areas within the joints and muscles. This is so that relaxation is possible and restoration takes place.

Props are used to assist you in relaxing and resting in these postures.

Restorative Yoga is sometimes referred to as Yin, but it is not Yin. Restorative Yoga is more restful and attainable by those who are seeking relief from the discomfort they experience in their physical body, mind and emotions. 

This class is for those who are always on the GO. All Levels.

Props needed for On-Line Class ~

Mat, Bolster, Blocks, Strap. Be creative if you don't have these props at your home. A bolster can be made by wrapping a towel or throw tightly around a pillow. A thick book could work as a block. A neck tie or belt as a strap. The point is for you to feel comfort and rest as you move into the restorative poses.


Core is more than just working on your abs. Core is the area of our body from the pubic bone to the breast bone and around the entire torso.

All OHY classes incorporate core techniques. 


When your core is strong you have the feeling of being in control of your life.

Having a strong but supple core helps with balance, endurance & stability.

The belt of Truth is wrapped around the core of the Christian Soldier. 



Practicing Meditation and Concentration using Intentional Breathing is a foundational yoga practice, dating back thousands of years.

OHY Meditation Sessions are very much a reflection of Contemplative Prayer.

The reason to practice meditation or contemplative prayer is to Seek God.

God looks at the intentions of the heart. When we come to Him just to seek Him, not to ask for anything but His presence, He blesses us.

Come with a open heart and an intention to be present with the Lord.

The practice uses the breath, a sacred word, or gazing -

to calm the mind and relax the body.

Practicing meditation opens our hearts to the love and goodness of God toward us. 

ALL Levels


CHAIR YOGA is for individuals

who find it challenging ambulating up and down

from the floor.

Chair Yoga is designed to gently move the joints and the prime mover muscles of the body to bring openness to restricted parts of the physical body.

In Chair Yoga we move mindfully in cadence with our breath. We use Intentional Breathing techniques

to stimulate vital energy flow throughout the body.

Chair Yoga is gentle and effective.

Gentle movements, done safely will help open blockages from chronic holding patterns, past injuries, and/or misuse. This practice stimulates the circulation, increases respiration, and encourages freedom in rigid areas of the body.

By Private Appointment ONLY @ this time

All Levels.


OHY Children ~ We value your child’s safety.

No OHY Classes are on the schedule at this time.

OHY Children's classes are inspiring, fun and motivating.

Children will learn to relax, self-regulate, strengthen and become more comfortable in their ever changing bodies. 

Your well behaved and respectful child is welcome to join you in your yoga class.


OHY Waiver ~ is to be filled out by a parent or a responsible adult. A Waiver & Registration Form is required, for every child who attends OHY Studio.

Please do not leave your child unattended outside of OHY studio.


Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class begins so that your child will have a chance to settle in to their space, also please come a few minutes early for pick-up.

We are but a lump of clay being molded by the Master's hand.
 Isaiah 64:8
Open Heart Yoga

1118 Talisman Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Text: 843-991-6337








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We've added more classes. Our New Class Schedule  Starts November 16, 2015 & goes through December 31, 2015


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