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OHY Benediction

Bring hands in prayer to the forehead

"I have the mind of Christ capturing every thought and submitting to the

Lordship of Jesus Christ"

Hands in prayer to the lips

"May the words that we speak glorify God, edify others and even myself speaking the truth in Love"

fingers to the ears

"Thank You Lord that You are speaking and that we hear You"

hands in prayer at heart center

May the meditations of my heart be pure, and holy and full of mercy

open hands

"And may the works of my hands be clean with open hand we release and with open hand we receive, we receive the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so we can know You more"

Breaking Through

Open Heart Yoga

God has blessed me with a vision.

I see it in the beginning stages now.

When God gives us a vision it is much different than an idea.

A vision starts with a seed that is small and in spite of you it grows. Determined to be.

Many years ago I was at a Prophetic church meeting. As usual there was lots of praise and worship. and there was also preaching. None of which I recall any details. But the one thing that I do remember is the word that did take root. You will teach teachers how to teach.

Ok well that's kinda cool.

Now in those days we attended a lot of prophetic meetings. As a matter of fact we were even in leadership in a few. The gift of prophecy was prevalent in the services we attended. It was so wonderful. The power of God was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Once I was at a prayer meeting and it was so loud and so crowded it felt as though my feet lifted off the floor.

The Holy Spirit would rest on folks and the amount of beauty that came forth in those days can still swell my heart to the point of almost bursting.

I did do some teaching in the children's church. I liked it very much. I enjoyed the children and teaching them about Jesus and God's love for them. To always trust the Lord because even though people are not faithful God is. I taught a class that was called Toddle Time the children were 2-5 years old. The 2 year old could come if I didn't have to change diapers. So the older ones loved the babies. We always sat on the floor. Colored our lesson picture that was related to our study, like the full Armor of God was always fun. And I taught them how to lay hands and pray for each other. It was fun.

I still remember the time that little Meagan said that she wanted to pray for her mom because her boyfriend had beat her up. My heart broke. This child was only 3 years out of the womb and this is the life she was living.

Most of the folks from those days I have lost contact with.

But I think of them and how all of the experiences that I had have molded me and helped to prepare me for the fruition of the vision of God.

There was a place that we attended that so much of the time the people were desperate for a "breakthrough". I despaired of hearing it. There was so much desperation at that place. All the single women were desperate to marry. And all the ones who were hated there lives. There was a bunch of territorialism going on every where. Arrogance and pride were the greeters at the door.

With many tears they would cry out to God for a break through.

The word of God says that we are to humble ourselves before Him. He is close to the humble and the contrite soul. I often had a platform presence and the opportunity to share. There was a few times the Lord opened an opportunity for me to share what I heard the Him saying to my heart. Once time it went like this, "You cry out for a break through but the lord is saying there must be a breaking before there can be a breakthrough." I heard crickets. And saw the deer eyes. People want what they want and they believe they deserve it. There is a spirit of Entitlement in this country and it is quite prevalent in the church. The Christian church is an unhealthy bunch, spirit, soul and body.

People want God to dump what they think they need in to their laps. Well if their character doesn't lend to the gifting there won't be increase. I often say, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" "And so how does your lifestyle and character reflect this place you see yourself?"

I have even fallen into the lazy character state. It takes a long trusted friend to help me reckon with it and come back to my first love. Because I trust that my friend is for me and not against me.

So in conclusion. If we accept and agree with God then the vision will not be hindered in it's growth. As we are always being honest about the place of humility that we stay in and facing the truth of it there is always progress. The word of God says that Pride goes before the fall. If you have tripped up look for the pride. Humble yourself. Rest in the simplicity of the love of your first love. My first and foremost love is my love for Jesus. I know Him and trust him. I lean on Him and He comforts my soul. When I realize that I have fallen I humble myself before Him and stay there until I get a release in my heart and a knowing in my soul that He has cleansed me and that my heart has been changed.

I rise from that place knowing that I have been set in a right place with my Lord.

Open Heart Yoga

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