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OHY Benediction

Bring hands in prayer to the forehead

"I have the mind of Christ capturing every thought and submitting to the

Lordship of Jesus Christ"

Hands in prayer to the lips

"May the words that we speak glorify God, edify others and even myself speaking the truth in Love"

fingers to the ears

"Thank You Lord that You are speaking and that we hear You"

hands in prayer at heart center

May the meditations of my heart be pure, and holy and full of mercy

open hands

"And may the works of my hands be clean with open hand we release and with open hand we receive, we receive the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so we can know You more"

I Am Redeemed in Christ

Romans 3:20-22

Because by the works of the Law no flesh will be justified in God's sight

~ Through the Law comes the knowledge of sin.


the Righteousness of God with out the Law is manifested ~ Even the Righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe.

Through the law comes the knowledge of sin. Because of man's offenses and natural tendencies to be ego driven the law was given. Law is in place to give us boundaries. When these boundaries are violated then we are guilty of breaking the Law. Laws are in place to keep us safe and healthy. For example if we eat nothing but candy the law of disease will find us and cause us to suffer.We may not have broken the civil Laws but we have certainly violated some of the Laws that are in place that keep us from achieving the righteousness of God.

Through the Law comes the knowledge of sin. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Sin is missing the mark. Sin is when we behave in bad form. Sin is when we act selfishly causing others and ourselves to suffer. Then quite often we go as far as to defend our ill-mannered behavior and even give argument to justify our sinful actions and thoughts. This is pride and pride is sin.

When we become aware that we fall short, miss the mark, sin, and are broken hearted we will find God. It is only when we realize that we are lost and need a Savior that we are scooped up by God's love. Jesus said that He came to seek and to save them that are lost. When we call out for a Savior He is faithful and true to save us. He will cover us in His mercy and Love and His righteousness. Jesus does this so that when we are presented to the Father God we stand in His righteousness. No Flesh will be justified in God's sight.

When we become aware that we suffer and are even most miserable within our own hearts we call out for help.

When we become aware of the pain and suffering that we bring on ourselves and others we call out for help.

We become so disscussed with ourselves that we call out for help.

We may find ourselves hanging by a thread in any given situation and are feeling desperate we will call out for help.

Maybe we will come to ourselves and recognize that we take ourselves way to serious and we are over reacting to most everything and are even some what narcissistic awareness will turn us to recognize we need to look to something bigger that our selves and we call out to God.

Call out to Jesus.

The righteousness of God is manifested apart from the Law. Because He is God He can do this. Because of the sacrifice of Jesus when we call Him Lord and Savior we stand in the righteousness of God through Jesus. So when God sees us He sees His own Righteousness. Like a reflection. It is not smoke and mirrors, God will not be mocked. But because of His love and mercy toward us His righteousness is unto us and upon us who believe, have faith, that Jesus is Savior and Lord.

I am Redeemed in Christ

Open Heart Yoga

1118 Talisman Road
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

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Has a NEW Class Scedule

We've added more classes. Our New Class Schedule  Starts November 16, 2015 & goes through December 31, 2015


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