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As we live life with a Grateful Heart we will always have enough.

Being Grateful to God for whatever He has blessed us with

brings a Spirit of Contentment.

Satisfied. Resting. Trusting. Being.

Knowing, that God has us in the

Palm of His Hand.

He knows our heart.

He blesses us with enough.

Let's be grateful for whatever we have so that it may be enough.



It seems that I always have a lot of things going around in my thoughts that would be interesting to share with you.

Then when I sit down to write my mind becomes a blank slate.

This is the mind that is desirable when I am Meditating, finding my way into Shavasana or just going to sleep at night.

There has been so much going on in my life over that past several months but it is a hard thing to separate it all and put it out there.

The consolation is that I know this is not being read by alot of you. So as I become more comfortable about sharing my stuff I think it will get easier and more fluid.

March 31, 2016

Do everything as if you are doing it for the Lord Jesus Himself.

This was a thought that was spoken in a meeting that I attended last Tuesday. I have considered this a lot over the years. But today in this very life that I am living now it is more prnounced. Everything is everything. What an adjustment that will be if I really commit to making the effort. Don't get me wrong, I love the Lord with all that I am.

I wake up thinking about Him and go to sleep thinking about Him. I thank Him for parking spaces that are close by, especially in the rain. I feel Him when I've said something inappropriate and I obey when He prompts me to apologize. I am a humbled vessel. God has done more for me in the last year than I could even attempt to list now.

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